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Past symposia by be-troplive

UGenth, The Tropics

University Ghent, Faculty Veterinary Medicine , , Belgium

Presentations about opportunities for students abroad and projects in The Tropics by the University

29/03/2017: Debate in French

ULG – Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (Amphi D) , Liege , Belgium

Theme: A One Health approach for the dairy chain development in Sub Saharan Africa (Une approche One Health pour le développement de la filière laitière en Afrique subsaharienne)

Upcoming events & trainings

Past events & trainings

16-17/11/2017: Conference - Insects in Feed or Food?

ULG – Exèdre Dick Annegarn – Bât. B8 , Liege , Belgium

Organisers: University of Liege ("Unit of Functional and Evolutionary Entomology" and "Department of Integrated Management of Animal Resources")