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12 - 16/03/2018 PhD course Gender in Rural Entrepreneurship

The PhD level course targets students from Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) and Europe that are enrolled in doctoral studies related to gender, rural entrepreneurship, or other relevant areas of study. Through lectures, group exercises, literature review, and on the ground field study, the course aims to increase knowledge and competence around both the theory and practice of gender and rural entrepreneurship in SSA. Specific attention is given to strengthening collaborative efforts that increase understanding and establish stronger links between African and European doctoral education scholars.
Women’s entrepreneurship became a scholarly issue in the early 1980s, and since then different approaches to the study of women – and gender – have been developed. In theories about rural entrepreneurship the interconnectedness between entrepreneurship and the rural is understood as a change process and rurality is problematized. Rurality is discussed as a specific context with distinct physical, social and economic characteristics that may shape both opportunities and constraints. In this course, PhD students will learn different perspectives on gender and rural entrepreneurship, including what ontological and epistemological approaches they have. PhD students will read and discuss the application of the various perspectives, in different rural contexts, culminating with writing a paper.

Deadline for applications: 12/02/2018

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